Our Vision:
To make the job search process a breeze for both job seekers and job givers.
Our Mission:
To create a platform that enables career progress and productivity improvement for all parties involved in the job search ecosystem.
Our Approach:
We enable job seekers to specify what kind of job they are looking for, thus reducing false positives (which wastes time for recruiters/employers). Recruiters form groups to learn about job seekers interests and place them accordingly, thus improving their own productivity and financial returns.

Job seekers can join multiple recruiter groups to build relationships (even when they are not actively looking), thus helping them when they actually need it.

College career centers staff can improve their productivity by creating groups for their students to join and learn about where and what jobs are important to the graduating class.
Our Team:
Founder and CEO: Mr. Amitabh Bansal is passionate about enabling career progression for job seekers and also assisting recruiters with better tools for improving productivity. He started this company since most people are under-employed (title, location, type of work, salary etc.) and his goal is to provide a platform that makes it easier for job seekers and recruiters to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Amitabh has 20+ years of experience providing leadership and hands-on technical expertise for teams doing data analytics, business intelligence and software development for startups as well as large corporations in various roles. Amitabh has a Bachelor’s in Manufacturing Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo.
Our History:
Jobreeze LLC was founded in March 2023 and is located in Fairfax VA. Our platform was launched in July 2023 and growth has been accelerating on interactions between job seekers and recruiters. Recently, we have started releasing Career Assist tools for job seekers and additions to the tools library will continue.
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