• Lost productivity and delays in filling a position due to review of 100s of resumes
  • Uninterested or unqualified candidates in your recruiting pipeline take a lot of time
  • Expensive to post job openings and search with existing job search vendors
Recruiters and hiring managers waste too much time on reviewing resumes and job applications only to find out that the candidate was not at all interested in the first place but applied anyway, creating a burden on the employers team.
Start matching a job opening to a candidates intent first, so a smaller set of people reach the employers desk.
  • Sign Up for free with your company email id. Your information is not shared anywhere on the site or elsewhere.
  • Privately add titles and locations for the job openings. No JDs needed. These are not visible to anyone else.
  • Immediately see if there is a matched candidate or activate an email alert to notify you.
  • Notify matching candidates of your interest with 1 click.
Why does it work?
Jobreeze ensures a 2 way match as the first step so that both employers and candidates agree on a title and a location before proceeding to the more complicated resume review and interview process. Once a recruiter / hiring manager Signs Up and adds active job openings, there is immediate visibility on the matches.

No one sees your company information until you send a request to a candidate. Even then, the candidate does not see your email id and has a choice to accept your request - thus employers are always in control of the entire process.
What does it cost?
Signing up and immediately matching candidates is free - you are also shown profile answers for each candidate to make your selection easier.

Adding Job Openings privately is FREE, Matching is FREE, setting Email alerts is FREE - only when there is a match available, you can contact candidates using purchased Contact Credits for as low as $5. Contact 1 Candidate per Contact Credit available. After contacting a candidate, if they reply or if 5 days pass, you get your Contact Credit back.

Sign Up to find out more details and start saving time using a better way of identifying matching candidates.

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