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State(Count)Region(Count)Seeking Job Title (Count in decreasing order of frequency)
Virginia(75)Reston(75)Software Developer(50), SQL Analyst(30), Paralegal(11), Java Developer(8)
Herndon(65)Software Developer(30), SQL Analyst(11), Paralegal(11), HR Executive(10)
Arlington(33)Actuary(12), Business Development Manager(11), Tech Support Rep(5),Customer Service Rep(4)
Maryland(65)Silver Spring(65)Web Developer(20), Credit Analyst(19), Executive Recruiter(8)
Baltimore(20)Credit Analyst(11),Math Teacher(5), Mechanical Engineer(3)
New York(45))NYC(45)Financial Trader(23), Financial Auditor(10), IT Consultant(10), HR Consultant(8)
Buffalo(20)Physical Therapist(11), Pharmacist(10), Event Manager(8)
  • Report above shows Counts of Seekers by Job Title and Location - you can click on any item to see Member details for that selection.
Custom QuestionsAnswers (Count in decreasing order of frequency)
Programming SkillsMedium(33), Expert(12), Very Little(9), Not Specified(8)
Presentation SkillsNot Specified(33), Client Presentations(22), Internal Presentations(11), Some Experience(5)
Working StyleIndividual Contributor(44), Task and People Activities(11), Leadership and Initiative(5), Not Specified(3)
Expected Salary RangeNot Specified(29), Above 60K(19), Above 100K(12)
Seeking % Managerial Work20 Percent(44), 50 Percent(12), Not Specified(11)
  • Report above shows Counts of Seekers by responses to Custom Questions (created by Group Admin).
  • Group Admin can also create new tags (like Shortlisted or Invite for Interview etc.) and assign members to tags for easy follow ups.
FILTERS: -  Expected Salary Range=Above 100K (X)   Programming Skills=Expert (X)  Sent Email (X)
TagsMember Email IdFirst NameLast NameResidenceProgramming SkillsPresentation SkillsWorking StyleExpected Salary RangeSeeking % Managerial WorkOther Custom Questions
Sent Emailab1@xyz.comJohnSabreUSA-VirginiaMediumClient PresentationsIndividual ContributorAbove 100K50 Percent 
Interview Scheduledstma1@gmail.comStevenMannyUSA-ArizonaExpertInternal PresentationsLeadership and InitiativeAbove 150K100 Percent 
Any custom tag can be assignedtrav1@abc.comCarolAftrayUSA-MarylandNoneSome PresentationsTask FollowupsAbove 60K10 Percent 
Sent Emailyabcdf@yahoo.comKathySophrtyUSA-TexasExpertNoneIndividual ContributorAbove 100K0 Percent 

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